Areas of natural interest

The mouth of the River Gaià

In 1992 the mouth of the River Gaià was included in the Plan for Places of Natural Interest and forms part of the network of wetlands in southern Catalonia. Later on, in 1995, it was declared a natural wildlife reserve due to its abundant fauna. The Department of the Environment and Housing of the Generalitat of Catalonia also included this area in the Nature 2000 Network. The wildlife includes numerous little birds that live in the different habitats of the Gaià area. When it comes to mammals, there are lots of moles and a very large rabbit population, not to mention foxes, badgers, weasels and stone martens. We should also mention the many squirrels that live in the tops of the Aleppo pines close to the mouth of the river.

Several interesting projects are currently taking place here, such as the recovery of riverside woodlands, the consolidation of a small population of river turtles, the rehabilitation of irrigation dykes and the clearance of paths. The environmental association of La Sínia d’Altafulla is responsible for looking after this final section of the River Gaià. The organization offers various services and activities aimed at schoolchildren, parent-teacher associations, families and visitors, and organizes guided tours for groups.


We invite you to take a stroll around Altafulla, especially if you like losing yourself in an unfamiliar town and discovering unexpected finds. And also if you like coming across local people who can tell you stories about historical events or characters… or hearing a thread of music or smelling a delicious aroma drifting from the streets and squares, captivating your senses… taking your time and opening your mind to new experiences.

The Green Route of the Baix Gaià

Another interesting itinerary in Altafulla is the Green Route of the Baix Gaià, which can be done on foot or by bicycle. It starts from beside the chapel of Sant Antoni in Altafulla from which you can follow a network of rural paths running for some 30 km and connecting the different towns that make up the Baix Gaià Association of Tourist Municipalities, the aim of which is to promote the natural, scenic and tourist attractions in the area. The walk also encompasses the Castle Route of Baix Gaià, a collection of several fortifications that bear witness to the Roman and medieval past of this region.